Conference Contribution

Direct Continuous Time System Identification of MISO Transfer Function Models applied to Type 1 Diabetes

Harald Kirchsteiger, Stephan Pölzer, Rolf Johansson, Eric Renard, Luigi del Re


This paper shows an application of continuous-time system identification methods to Type 1 diabetes. First, a general MISO transfer function structure with individual nominator and denominator polynomials for each input is assumed and a parameter estimation procedure via an iterative prediction error method presented. Then, the proposed identification method is evaluated on a simple simulation example and finally applied on real-life data from Type 1 diabetes patients with the purpose of modeling blood glucose dynamics. To this aim, the method was extended to consider the time-varying nature of the system.

In 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, December 2011.

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