Conference Contribution

Grey-Box Building Models for Model Order Reduction and Control

Roel De Coninck, Fredrik Magnusson, Johan Åkesson, Lieve Helsen


As automatic sensing and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) get cheaper, building monitoring data is easier to obtain. The abundance of data leads to new opportunities in the context of energy efficiency in buildings. This paper describes ongoing developments and first results of data-driven grey-box modelling for buildings. A Python toolbox is developed based on a Modelica library with thermal building and Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) models and the optimisation framework in The tool chain facilitates and automates the different steps in the system identification procedure, like data handling, model selection, parameter estimation and validation. The results of a system identification and parameter estimation for a single-family dwelling are presented.

In 10th International Modelica Conference, Lund, Sweden, March 2014.

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