Conference Contribution

Control Loop Timing Analysis Using TrueTime and Jitterbug

Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén, Dan Henriksson, Manuel Lluesma Camps, Patricia Balbastre, Ismael Ripoll, Alfons Crespo


A modern control system is typically implemented as a multitasking software application executing in a real-time operating system. If the computer load is high, the controller will experience delays and jitter, which in turn degrade the control performance. Arguing for an integrated design approach, the paper describes two computer tools for implementation-aware control analysis: TrueTime and Jitterbug. An example is given where the tools are used together to evaluate the performance of various control task implementations.


real-time control, co-design


The Jitterbug homepage.

The Truetime homepage.

In Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Computer Aided Control Systems Design Symposium, October 2006.

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