Conference Contribution

Object-Oriented Modeling and Optimal Control: A Case Study in Power Plant Start-Up

Francesco Casella, Filippo Donida, Johan Åkesson


Modeling and optimization of complex systems traditionally have
required significant programming efforts in order to encode the
model dynamics, the cost functions and the constraints in a format
suitable for state of the art numerical algorithms. The availability
of dedicated languages for physical modeling has made the design
process simpler, but often tools have been limited to a particular
optimization algorithm. In this paper, we present a case study where
a combined cycle power plant model has been developed using first
principles in the modeling language Modelica. Based on the model, an
optimal control problem for the start-up of the power plant has been
formulated in the Optimica extension and solved using the open
source software The results demonstrate how
high-level modeling languages and tools can be used to bridge the
gap between the engineering need for intuitive description formats
and the interfaces of efficient numerical algorithms.

In 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy, August 2011.

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