Conference Contribution

Optimal Tracking and Identification of Paths for Industrial Robots

Björn Olofsson, Henrik Nilsson, Anders Robertsson, Johan Åkesson


This paper presents results from time-optimal path tracking for industrial robots. More specifically, three subproblems are studied and experimentally evaluated. The first is a contact-force control approach for determining the geometric robot motion, such that the tool centre point of the robot is moved according to the specification. The second problem is off-line solution of the optimisation problem describing the time-optimal path tracking problem, by using software which allows highlevel implementation and solution of optimisation problems. The third problem is robust control of the robot during real-time path tracking based on the optimisation results determined off-line. An earlier developed control structure for robust control is implemented and tested in a robot system. This paper discusses the theory behind time-optimal path tracking and presents experimental results. Both contact-force controlled path identification and real-time path tracking of the identified path are evaluated on a 6-DOF industrial robot of type IRB140 from ABB.

In 18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy, August 2011.

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