Conference Contribution

On the Design and Control of Wireless Networked Embedded Systems

Karl-Erik Årzén, Antonio Bicchi, Stephen Hailes, Karl Henrik Johansson, John Lygeros


Wireless networked embedded systems are becoming increasingly important in a wide area of technical elds. In this tutorial paper we present recent results on design and control of these systems developed within the project Recon- gurable Ubiquitous Networked Embedded Systems (RUNES), which is an European Integrated Project with the aim to control complexity in networked embedded systems by developing robust and scalable middleware systems. New components for control under varying network conditions are discussed for the RUNES architecture. The complexity of the closed-loop system is increased due to the coupling with the disturbances introduced by the communication system. The network may introduce additional delays, jitter, data rate limitations, packet losses etc. Experimental work on integration test beds that demonstrates these results is shown together with motivating links to the RUNES disaster relief tunnel scenario.


wireless systems, sensor networks, networked control systems

In Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Computer Aided Control Systems Design Symposium, October 2006.

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