Conference Contribution

Import and Export of Functional Mock-up Units in

Christian Andersson, Johan Åkesson, Claus Führer, Magnus Gäfvert


Different simulation and modeling tools often use their own definition of how a model is represented and how model data is stored. Complications arise when trying to model parts in one tool and importing the resulting model in another tool or when trying to verify a result by using a different simulation tool. The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is a standard to provide a unified model execution interface. In this paper we present an implementation of the FMI specification in the platform, where support for import and export of FMI compliant models has been added. The FMI import interface is written in Python and offers a complete mapping of the FMI C API. also offers a set of Pythonic convenience methods for interacting with the model in an object-oriented manner. In addition, a connection to the simulation environment Assimulo which is part of is offered to allow for simulation of models following the FMI specification using state of the art numerical integrators. Generation of FMI compliant models from will also be discussed.


Functional Mock-up Interface, FMI,, Assimulo

In 8th International Modelica Conference 2011, Dresden, Germany , March 2011.

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