Conference Contribution

Co-simulation of Mobile Wireless Networked Embedded Systems in Physical Environments

Martin Andersson, Dan Henriksson, Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén


Embedded systems are becoming increasingly networked and are deployed in application areas that require close interaction with their physical environment. Examples include distributed mobile agents and wireless sensor/actuator networks. The complexity of these applications make co-simulation a necessary tool during system development. This paper presents a simulation environment that facilitates simulation of computer nodes and communication networks interacting with the continuous-time dynamics of the real world. Features of the simulator include interrupt handling, task scheduling, wired and wireless communication, local clocks, dynamic voltage scaling, and battery-driven operation. Two simulation case studies are presented: a simple communication scenario and a mobile robot soccer game.


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In RTiS 2005 -- Proceedings of Real Time in Sweden 2005, the 8th Biennial SNART Conference on Real-Time Systems, August 2005.