Conference Contribution

A Component-Based Approach to Localization and Collision Avoidance for Mobile Multi-Agent Systems

Peter Alriksson, Jerker Nordh, Karl-Erik Årzén, Antonio Bicchi, Alberto Danesi, Riccardo Sciadi, Lucia Pallottino


In the RUNES project a disaster relief tunnel scenario is being developed in which mobile robots are used to restore the radio network connectivity in a stationary sensor network. A component-based software development approach has been adopted. Two components are described in this paper. A localization component that uses ultrasound and dead reckoning to decide the robot positions and a collision avoidance component that ensures that the robots do not collide with each other or with fixed obstacles.


localization, mobile agents, ultrasound, sensor network, collision avoidance, Extended Kalman filter

In Proceedings of the European Control Conference, Kos, Greece, July 2007.

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