Conference Contribution

Generation of Sparse Jacobians for the Function Mock-Up Interface 2.0

Johan Åkesson, Willi Braun, Petter Lindholm, Bernhard Bachmann


Derivatives, or Jacobians, are commonly required by numerical algorithms. Access to accurate Jacobians often improves the performance and robustness of algorithms, and in addition, efficient implementation of Jacobian computations can reduce the over-all execution time. In this paper, we present methods for computing Jacobians in the context of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), and Modelica. Two prototype implementations, in and OpenModelica are presented and compared in industrial benchmarks.


Functional Mock-up, Interface Analytic Jacobians, Automatic Differentiation, OpenModelica


In 9th International Modelica Conference, Munich, Germany, September 2012.

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