Automatic Control Basic Course for CMN

 FRT010, Reglerteknik AK för CMN


This course is scheduled for the 2nd autumn quarter period. The lectures are given in Swedish, but most material is also available in English.

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The solutions to the exam 170823 are given under "Old exams" below. Tentorna är rättade och resultaten inlagda i Ladok.
Tentorna visas den 12/9 12.00-12.30 i Lab C.

Course Plan

A detailed program of the course is found in the Course Plan


Note: Use a new signup-code each time. Not the old one you got for lab1.

Sign-up for laboratory exercise 1. (Sign-up starts October 31)

Sign-up for computer exercise. (Sign-up starts November 7)

Sign-up for laboratory exercise 2 (Sign-up starts November 14)

Sign-up for laboratory exercise 3 (Sign-up starts November 28)

The guidelines for the laborations are given in

Laboration 1 (Swe) / (Eng)
Laboration 2 (Swe) / (Eng)
Laboration 3 (Swe) / (Eng)

The material for the computer exercise is in the exercise book, chapter 9. An English translation of the computer exercise is available here.


A collection of lecture notes by T Hägglund that covers the course is sold at KF.

The course material and further reading is also provided by the following books: Reglerteknik - Grundläggande teori by T Glad and L Ljung, Reglerteknikens grunder by B Lennartson, and Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers by K J Åström and R Murray. The last book can be downloaded here.

There is a booklet with a collection of problems and solutions: (Swe) / (Eng).

There is a collection of common results and formulae (formelsamling) (Swe) / (Eng) that also can be used on the examination.

Other material

Here are some material that helps you prepare for the course,

Old exams together with solutions are also available.

You can download Bode diagrams in pdf-format to print out and draw your own Bode diagrams. When printing, don't forget to set page format to A4 in Acroreads print setup.

Nice description of impact of control technology in different fields Here is a fun robot-biking clip. This is another impressive robot clip

Computer tools

  • There is a set of Interacting Learning Modules for use in learning Automatic Control.
  • Control Tutorials for Matlab includes examples on Cruise Control, DC Motor, Bus Suspension, Inverted pendulum. You will need access to Matlab on your computer.
  • Downhill (Slalom) This is a computer game that helps you to get a feel for how difficult it is to control different system.



Here are some short videos on topics from the course. The videos are in Swedish.